The Blockchain Challenge

A LOGICON case study
Mirian Peer Wallets
Pitch & Investment Pressure

Mirian, a New York based blockchain/fintech startup, reached out to LOGICON through our connections. Like most blockchain startups, for Mirian, the problem of finding the right blockchain developer came up. They were 3 months away from pitching to investors in order to secure funding.

One Man Army

Because of Mirian’s initial financial crunch, LOGICON started off by providing one blockchain developer to Mirian, who (in the first two months) single-handedly worked on smart contracts, testing, deployments, security, optimizations and advanced Plasma architectures. As a result, Mirian received an overwhelmingly positive response from investors and the Ethereum community members.

Tech Burden off their Shoulders

At this stage, Mirian is growing at a highly accelerated pace, using multiple resources from LOGICON, not only in blockchain development but for web and mobile application too. As a result of exceptional results, LOGICON has a long term partnership with Mirian. It’s often nice to hear them say “we’ve pretty much forgotten how it feels like to worry about development”.

Let’s create a success story together