Resources to the Rescue

A LOGICON case study
Genalyte’s Physician Portal
Project State

Genalyte, a California based startup, reached out to LOGICON through one of our clients. Genalyte, a health tech startup, had recently secured a funding of $40m, and had a shortage of resources to develop with immense pace, and their portal was to be deployed in over 300 hospitals.

Challenge Accepted & Completed

LOGICON took this challenge on and like any new company, the element of trust needed to be built. We started off with 2 front-end resources and one QA Engineer from our Plug n’ Play resources model. 2 months of Agile Development and Genalyte’s team not only loved the results, but requested for 5 more resources to scale their team up.

Long Term Partnership

At this stage, LOGICON is in a long term partnership with Genalyte as their trusted technical partners. With over 15 LOGICON resources currently working for Genalyte, and growing, the company has managed to not only deploy their systems in hundreds of hospitals but have also secured another funding round of $60m!

Let’s create a success story together