Always aiming
for Success

We’ve helped our clients develop and ship products for various platforms and have created great success stories along the way.

Success Stories

We’ve had some of the most amazingly successful
experiences with our clients.

Prototype to Market Ready

A LOGICON case study
EmergencMe – A Community Safety Application
Early Days

Our client from EmergencMe, a Missouri (USA) based startup, reached out to us with an idea of building an application to improve public safety . Like any early- stage startup, EmergencMe started with a prototype built by LOGICON’s team.

Resources to the Rescue

A LOGICON case study
Genalyte’s Physician Portal
Project State

Genalyte, a California based startup, reached out to LOGICON through one of our clients. Genalyte, a health tech startup, had recently secured a funding of $40m, and had a shortage of resources to develop with immense pace, and their portal was to be deployed in over 300 hospitals.

The Blockchain Challenge

A LOGICON case study
Mirian Peer Wallets
Pitch & Investment Pressure

Mirian, a New York based blockchain/fintech startup, reached out to LOGICON through our connections. Like most blockchain startups, for Mirian, the problem of finding the right blockchain developer came up. They were 3 months away from pitching to investors in order to secure funding.

Cross Platform App Development