Rapid Concept Workshop

LOGICON’s Rapid Concept Workshop is a 2-3 day face-to-face session workshop which includes in-depth understanding of your product. Our team prepares queries, gives suggestions & inputs and maps out all your requirements. As a result, it gives you the advantages of

Client Impressions:
“LOGICON’s Rapid Concept Workshop was JUST what I needed to have a clearer picture of what I was looking to build. Great sessions!”
~ Nick, Qatar Foundation International

Validation Labs

LOGICON’s validation labs are multiple sessions, most suited for idea stage or early stage startups to help them validate and craft out a possibly improved product-market fit. With our validation labs, businesses can

Client Impressions:
“I’ve had 2 sessions with LOGICON’s validation labs and they not only helped me figure out grey areas of my product, but also suggested what was industry-fit. As a result, I was able to secure a funding round for my product!.”
~ Sam, Fix-It

Proof of Concept

Every product goes through a prototyping phase and LOGICON’s team happens to be one of the best at it. After analyzing your requirements, we provide a PoC (Proof of Concept) of your product in the form of User Experience and User Interface Designs , so you have a clear vision of what your product would look like before-hand. It helps you

Client Impressions
“As the director of the largest Paper Recycling Company in UAE, the challenge of creating an automated system for my company was immense until LOGICON’s team prepared an extremely easy-to-grasp design concepts for the entire system.”
~ Amr, Elite Paper Recycling

Rapid Agile Development

Meeting tight deadlines, handling multi-technology stacked products, rescuing disaster-close projects, developing the right user-centric products… introducing, our Rapid Agile Development. With an organized structure and expertise in SCRUM, Kanban work methodologies, we design, develop, test and ship with regular demo’s of your product.
It’s core benefits?

Client Impressions:
“My product has been under LOGICON’s Rapid Agile Development approach for over 4 years now and the best thing about it is not only that it’s speedy and efficient, but also keeps me in the loop of everything going on.”
~ Jim, EmergencMe

Full Product Delivery

A software application should not just be listed, but should get noticed. Our full product delivery, from development to deployment, makes sure to bring out the WOW factor in your application. For our team, anything less is unacceptable.

Client Impressions
“Best part about working with LOGICON was that they care about user behavior to bring out the best of value and create an engaging product.”
~ Danny, Daily Coaching

Logicon Care

Your product deserves more than just development. After full-product delivery, LOGICON’s support will provide ongoing monitoring, tweaks and updates to make sure your product is performing at its best when live. With our support system, you get

Client Impressions:
“Our business idea was great, the launch was splendid and ever since we’ve been live, LOGICON’s tech support has made it immensely easy for us to stay up to date with our product.”
~ Daniel, KixRx

Plug n’ Play Resources

Looking to scale up your team, meeting a critical deadline or require a specific skill? You’re in safe hands. We can increase your team strength with our high skilled resources in various technology stacks at any instance.
For you, we have the right team, the right skills at the right time. Plug in when you need us, unplug when you’re done. It’s super easy and you get

Client Impressions:
“Our team needed Rails resources for our live product sooner than soon. Gladly, LOGICON’s team proved out to be a savior and provided us just the right developers within a couple of hours!”
~ Max, Genalyte

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