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Around-the-Clock Efficiency & Productivity with Dedicated Development Teams

No more time-zone hassles or collaboration issues. Our dedicated software development team of remote engineers is strategically aligned and will be completely in sync with your time zone for seamless work.

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Reduction in Downtime


Reduction in Errors


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Companies We Proudly Serve

Logicon clients
logicon clients

Our Tailor-Made Team Solutions

Rapid Prototyping


Speed up your product development lifecycle with our dedicated teams’ rapid prototyping capabilities. allowing for quick validation and iteration.
Proactive Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Benefit from proactive and agile problem-solving capabilities within our dedicated teams, addressing challenges swiftly to keep your projects on track.
Transparent Progress Tracking

Progress Tracking

Stay informed at every stage of your project with transparent progress tracking, ensuring clear visibility into the accomplishments of our dedicated teams.

Flexible Scaling


Adapt effortlessly to project demands with our dedicated team services, allowing for easy scaling to meet evolving requirements and deadlines.

Build your dedicated team of remote engineers now!

Get in touch now, discuss your requirements, hire a dedicated development team, and see your dream team of remote engineers in action within 24 hours.

Curious About Logicon's Approach to Remote Team Excellence in 24 hours?

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Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Effortlessly view and track the code, securely stored in our online repository.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Stay in the loop with consistent updates regarding task status.

Agile meetings

Agile Meetings

Fostering team collaboration through daily or weekly scrum meetings.

project evaluation

Project Evaluation

Demonstrating flexibility by incorporating your ideas in our regular demo sessions and sprint meetings.

logicon dedicated remote engineers team

What Expertise Fits Your Project Best?

Our Bespoke Solutions in Action

Explore how we partnered with a leading financial institution to create a game-changing solution. Witness the success story of our collaboration, where we designed and delivered a web and mobile-based automated stock trading application. This platform empowered users with subscription-based trading strategies, making it the most effective automated trading platform in the region.
B2B eCommerce
Experience how we transformed the operations of one of Italy's largest industrial material distributors. Our client needed a robust B2B eCommerce platform, and we delivered. Dive into the success story of our collaboration, where we designed and built a platform that streamlined operations and expanded their online presence, driving substantial business growth.
Discover how we partnered with a global leader in the entertainment industry to revolutionize ticketing. Our client sought a groundbreaking solution to cater to both NFT-savvy and novice users. Dive into the success story of our collaboration, where we designed and delivered a cutting-edge NFT ticketing platform. This platform allows users to purchase event tickets as NFTs, streamlining ticket management for organizers and creating a seamless experience for attendees.
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