Rapid Concept Workshop

Understanding and Designing a Successful
Product is a Science.

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What is a Rapid Concept

LOGICON’s Rapid Concept Workshop is a 2-3 day workshop that involves intensive and in-depth understanding of your product with our team, letting us assess the technical requirements, minimize your risk and prepare your project for development in the best of ways.

Why do a Rapid Concept Workshop?

In a nutshell, we’ve got the best workshop process in the industry. We’re
way beyond the phase of traditional scoping documents. The process of our
team helping you map out your requirements by asking you constructive
questions to understand your project better, makes our workshops the
finest in the industry!

Key benefits of Rapid Concept Workshop

Reduced Cost
Clear Product Scope
Risk Limitation


“LOGICON’s Rapid Concept Workshop was JUST what I needed to have a clearer picture of what I was looking to build. Great sessions!”

– Nick, Qatar Foundation International

Book a FREE 60 minute consultation

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