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NFTs are going to change the way we live & interact & Also the way we do business, especially In metaverse.

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A non-fungible token is referred to by the abbreviation NFT. Objects that are non-fungible are distinct and cannot be substituted by another. A good example of this is the fungibility of Bitcoin. There is no limit to how many bitcoins can be traded for one another. A one-of-a-kind trade card, on the other hand, is non-fungible.

The Ethereum blockchain is the most common place to store NFTs, however other blockchains can be used as well. A digital item, such as a collectible, a GIF, art, a video game skin, an avatar, or music, might serve as the basis for an NFT. NFTs are tough to compare due to their digital signatures.

Unique content, future items, rewards, and events can be gained by using NFTs. Members can be granted different levels of access based on how the NFT is used. For this reason, most NFTs are somewhat expensive. The middleman is eliminated with NFTs. You can now sell NFTs directly to your audience or community without distributing tickets.

Blockchain technology will be used by entrepreneurs and business owners. Also, NFTs will let content providers engage with the community, sell tokens for exclusive content, and develop unique artwork from that specific content provider. It is impossible to copy or recreate these works of art.

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There’s a limited supply of this product

Data and metadata associated with transactions are subject to public scrutiny thanks to NFT’s decentralized architecture. As a result, NFT provides a high degree of openness.

All of the NFTs are unique

NFTs can’t be swapped because they’re unique. Data on NFTs can’t be tampered with, hence digital assets can be trusted.

Perfect openness is guaranteed

To ensure complete transparency, all NFT transactions are recorded on public blockchains. Blockchain hashing technologies used to protect these assets are also used.

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NFT {Non-fungible tokens} | Types of NFTS

NFT for sports

NFT for music

NFT for e-commerce

NFT art tokenization

NFT for customized ideas

Logicon have a bullet proof designing process for creating a state of the art NFTs

How Logicon can make your NFT art collection in 5 easy steps

  1. We will select an NFT marketplace. ( | Binance etc)
  2. We will set up a digital wallet.
  3. We will create your collection.
  4. We will create your digital arts token.
  5. We will do a listing of your artwork for sale | Launch

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Metaverse & NFT Connection

Metaverse is going the be a new world. The currency is crypto and assets are in the form of NFT. Below are the top trending NFTs in the market

  • NFT collections (Art, Music, etc)
  • Gaming assets
  • Virtual lands
  • Virtual real estates
  • Digital arts

If you are looking to launch your personal NFT collection with a minting website. Logicon can help you from scratch to finish.

Professionals in the field of blockchain

There are several different blockchain protocols and NFT standards that our blockchain professionals are familiar with.

Confidentiality that cannot Be compromised

By signing a non-disclosure agreement, we pledge that we will not share any information about your project with anybody else.

Delivery is quick and easy

To guarantee timely delivery of NFTs that are continuously tested, our team employs an agile development style.

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We advise you to convert your NFT idea into reality and jump into the Blockchain market | NFT market space to capture your share from the market So, take advantage of this free NFT art sample design & reserve your spot today!

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