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Automate Operations for Precision, Efficiency & Reliability

At Logicon, the top DevOps service provider, we maximize business potential through expert DevOps consulting services for streamlined operations and accelerated time-to-market while minimizing errors.

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Logicon clients
logicon clients

Our Next-Gen DevOps Development services

Cloud Assessment

Transform your operations with our DevOps assessment – we pinpoint errors causing issues, untapped opportunities, and substantial cost reductions with optimization, ensuring your pathway to success is both efficient and cost-effective.
DevOps cloud assessment
DevOps cloud cost optimization

Cost Optimization

Revolutionize your cloud expenditure with our cost optimization service – we slash your cloud costs by up to 35%, and you only pay us a percentage of the savings, ensuring a winning partnership that maximizes efficiency

DevOps Managed

Let us handle it all! With our DevOps managed services, you can forget about the technical details – we’ve got you covered from optimization to monitoring, so you can focus on what matters most to your business.
DevOps managed services

How we make it possible for you?

Infrastructure Automation​


Logicon’s DevOps automation services enhance efficiency by developing and overseeing infrastructure as code for automating IT resource provisioning, scaling, and management.
CI/CD deployment

Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD)

Take control of your software development with Jenkins, Travis Cl, and CircleCI, automating the building, testing, and deployment phases  seamlessly.

Containerization and Orchestration

Containerization and Orchestration

Optimize software delivery by containerizing applications and orchestrating container management with Docker and Kubernetes.

Monitoring And Logging​

And Logging

Drive operational excellence by monitoring the performance and health of your applications and infrastructure, and employing analysis for effective issue resolution.
Cloud Infrastructure Management

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Take charge of cloud-based infrastructure, optimizing usage proficiently with Amazon Web Services AWS DevOps services, Microsoft Azure DevOps services, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services

Security and Compliance​

And Compliance

Validate the conformity of your software development and deployment with fundamental security and regulatory standards.

Our Bespoke DevOps Solutions in Action

Cloud Cost Optimization
Upon engaging Logicon for Cloud Assessment services, the pharmaceutical company discovered they were spending $50,000 monthly on their cloud infrastructure. Within just 4 days, our assessment revealed significant optimization opportunities, resulting in a remarkable 36% cost reduction. Consequently, their cloud expenses were slashed to $32,000 per month, enhancing their operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
Cloud Auto Deployments
Struggling with auto-deployments, they resorted to manual AWS application deployment to rectify the issue. We stepped in and deployed their CI/CD pipelines with authentication, ensuring seamless automation. Additionally, we optimized their cloud infrastructure, eliminating errors and enhancing overall performance.
Cloud Robust Security
Struggling to maintain infrastructure oversight, enhance security, and achieve smooth Kubernetes deployment, they turned to us for assistance. We fortified their operations by implementing exclusive access controls, robust security measures such as multi-factor authentication, and a dedicated VPN. These enhancements ensured secure cloud-based developer resource access and streamlined deployment processes.
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