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Our DevOps Services

From planning to continuous development and monitoring, we support every
stage with our different services.

DevOps Assessment

In this phase our DevOp experts will provide
  • Analysis of the problems
  • Draw a road map
  • Recommend the tool and process to automate the deployment cycle

Continuous Development

  • The DevOps Agile methodology helps to establish faster development cycles with a continuous code production and deployment system.
  • Every code change goes through the entire pipeline and is automatically put into production.
  • This gives rise to numerous production deployment releases on a daily basis.

Infrastructure monitoring

We not just automate your infrastructure but also provide 24*7 monitoring and backup support which will help our customer in mitigating of issues in early stages.

Continuous monitoring will help any business in finding
  • Failure of the CI process
  • Infrastructure or platform issues where an application needs to be
  • Application issues
  • Static code analysis – code is not up to the quality grade defined

Configuration Management

Our Devops experts will take care of all of your deployments with market leading tools Like, chef, puppet, ansible which will be in a result of
  • Increased efficiency
  • Enhanced system and process reliability
  • Faster restoration of your service if a process failure occurs

DevOps Automation

Logicon is a leading DevOps Solution Provider which provides automation in:
  • Development of code
  • Testing it
  • Development of test infrastructure
  • Running end-to-end tests
  • Collecting metrics from production
  • End-to-end orchestration of the DevOps pipeline

Continuous Integration

Devops service from Logicon will provide you continues integration of code which will help the developers in many ways such as:
  • It prevents integration problems & avoid last minute issues on release dates
  • Integration bugs will be detected in early stages & will be easy to track down due to small changes
  • In case of failure you can revert the changes
  • It helps in keeping the track of changes with version controlling

Our DevOps Tools & Technologies

Configuration Management
Version Control
Continuous Integration / Continuous Development (CL/CD)
Containerization / Cloud

Cross Platform App Development

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