HR Management & Attendance

Logicon HRM System – Logicon HRM system gives your organization a comprehensive set of tools to find new talent and empower employees.

Core Functionalities

Logicon HRM is an amazing product which gives you access to multiple functions integrated and customizable system to work more efficiently and grow faster.u

Find New Talent

Fill Opening
Resume Parsing
Create Offer Letters

Onboard and empower employees

Employees are a precious asset. Logicon HRM gives you the tools to develop talent and build a strong organization

Onboard Employees
Create Policies
Track Time
Manage Time Off
Performance Review
Create a collaborative culture
Office Suite
Team Communication
Internal Social Network

Support Your Customers with Logicon HRM

Tickets Management

Do Your Accounting

Accounting is a crucial part of a successful company. Logicon HRM provides the best tools to fulfil all your accounting needs.

Track Receivables and Get Paid On Time
Estimates of Projects
Collect Payments
Match Transactions with invoices
Manage Payable and Expenses
Purchases Orders
Expense Management
Time Tracking

Get your project from VIABLE to VALUABLE